Wednesday, March 05, 2008

DIY clothing

DIY is a powerful acronym - DO IT YOURSELF.

No, this is not an angry acronym, it's a loving one. The DIY movement is alive and strong in all of us, and it fosters a community of artists, creative minds, or just the generally handy and inquisitive to create wonderful, one-of-a-kind things.

Two people I know are a part of this fantastic blob of creative phlegm, and it gives me great pleasure to share their wares with you in the hopes that you will find something magical in their work. They have spent time, money, and imagination petrol on these things with no promises of financial gain; they do it because they love to do it. If you love it, too, and want a piece of it, there's a price to satisfy the both of you.

Aki Hayden - assembled.

Michael Belcher - Belcher/Lovestruck Kitty

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