Thursday, February 28, 2008

Twin Peaks

Oh, David Lynch. I could kiss you.

I just finished watching, for the second time (and despite my fury at the release of an entire BOX SET IMMEDIATELY AFTER the release of the long-awaited Season II DVD), Twin Peaks. I am confounded once more by the fact that in the not so distant past, a prominent television broadcast company funded this show. And rightfully so! It is brilliant. Masterfully crafted, deftly acted (albeit sometimes "canny" was what they were going for).

The last episode, in particular, is startling. The last twenty minutes or so have some truly terrifying imagery - it doesn't hold back. Characters screaming with blanked out eyes, little people dancing backwards and laughing maniacally, Doppelgangers soul stealing, screaming, strobe lighting at crucial moments to simultaneously show and obscure, and all done modestly. The images are stark and undoctored. I would have screamed if I hadn't been smiling, out of my unadulterated love for this show and this man. This show is, IMO, one of the top three television shows ever created (treated HBO as "TV," despite their claims to the contrary).

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