Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's how I was today. I had a horrible day of work, and it was compounded by the fact that I was so sick I felt a little drunk.

Needless to say, when I got home with achy joints and a chill from the (February?!) rain, I needed some chicken soup. There were two problems:

1) I had no chicken
2) I had no idea how to make chicken soup.

The first could not be helped. I am completely vegetarian at home now... the only meats I'm consuming are when I go out places, and usually only if the food costs midrange or higher because then I can at least convince myself that it's decent meat.

But, I had bullion and a ton of vegetables!! So I knew that something could be done.

I checked out a site called, and found these lovely instructions on making the stuff. They were simple instructions, easy to follow, and while I wasn't following it by the book, I couldn't have made the soup without it! So I hope you'll take a minute the next time it's chilly and you're feeling a little under the weather to check out the directions and make yourself some Chicken Noodle Soup! In My Opinion, it's just what the doctor ordered.

All cheez aside, I have heard and read about the burgeoning health benefit discoveries made about chicken soup, particularly something in the fact that the chicken is boiled.


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