Saturday, February 23, 2008


New York City is an interesting place. Despite it's moderate size and EXPANSIVE population, I consistently run into people I haven't seen in ages in random places on the street. For instance, one day I watched a train go past and in a frontward car, saw a guy I hadn't seen since my Freshman or Sophomore year of college. When I actually got onto that subway train, I walked headlong into a man I'd just met weeks prior in Los Angeles on a film shoot... he had just moved to New York that day.

Even weirder is when one encounters such a phenomenon with strangers. For instance, one night in Midtown I was waiting for the subway and noticed a very pretty and probably drunk Asian woman. I observed her weaving around a bit, aimlessly, and thought nothing of her when I got on the train. The following night, down in Soho, I crossed paths with her on the street. I didn't say anything, wouldn't have had anything to say, but I was stunned by the freak nature of it.

And, my favorite one of all, (and all of these seems to orient themselves around the subway, but I have had others that are completely out of that context), a week or so ago I was waiting for the train in TriBeCa, leaving work, and I encountered an actor I recognized from Buffalo 66. I didn't know his name, but I thought it was fun to see him. Then, two nights ago at the cinema in TriBeCa, the Angelika, he sat DIRECTLY BEHIND ME for the screening of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I did some research. His name is Kevin Corrigan and he's actually done a bunch of work, some of which I've seen.

The fact is, there is something in this universe, some energy we are all constantly projecting, and I think that sometimes those energies become entangled and like satellites and binary stars, we get caught in each other's gravity, and bump into each other at random on the street, or even several times in different places. It's a peculiar and wonderful phenomenon.


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