Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rallies and frustration

So, I went downtown today to check out the anti-war demonstration (oh, Jens Lekman, I love you), and I have to say it wasn't all that exciting. I found it interesting that, from what I heard, the most interesting and engaging speeches came from those who were or had once been politicians of some kind... a congressman in particular spoke and was very rousing.

While the congressman was speaking, I had the intense urge to yell, "Why don't you do something instead of just talking about it?" Or something to that effect. I mean, it's dude's job to get shit done! In My Opinion, it was not enough that he was here outside talking to the crowd on a cold day... it's a nice gesture, but it made me doubt his sincerity... I feel as though if he really feels so strongly about getting us out of Iraq and getting Bush out of office, he was the person of all those few hundred people who actually had a shot at getting anything done about it. But instead, he was rabble-rousing at an ineffectual rally.

In My Opinion, it was kind of bullshit.

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