Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Death of (Captain) America

The Associated Press has reported today that Captain America is killed in this, his last, issue of the comic book with his name.

In My Opinion, this is a fitting and, in a kitschy/nostalgic way, makes one feel a bit cut down. I believe that Captain America, a symbol of all that once made this country and its people great (albeit never perfect by a long-shot), dies at a time when perhaps the spirit he embodies has also died in our hearts, minds, and government. I can personally attest to the shame and loss I feel as I look at the country of which I am considered a citizen. And while I am no comic-book lover, nor am I particularly patriotic, I have in this moment realized the emotional weight I feel as I watch the sinking ship of The United States of America, and it is ironic that it is the death of Captain America, a fictional and comical (in both senses of the word) being, that helps me to feel this sense of loss.

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