Monday, March 31, 2008

Three Places

Yesterday, as I mentioned in the Sunday Roundup, I went to the Strand Bookstore at the corner of Broadway and 12th St. in Manhattan. Outside was a huge selection of hardcover and paperback books, all for a dollar each. Picked up three from that, including Dave Eggers's "You Shall Know Our Velocity." A steal.

The inside is beautifully packed with books. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of books I wanted to buy. I bought Franny and Zooey, by J.D. Salinger, and a selection of Tolstoy plays.

Wringing with a headache and having been for hours, I decided against going home because it would only mean staring at a computer screen. So, I walked a couple of blocks to Wok to Walk, where I'd eaten once with my friend Zach, which is around the corner from Cinema Village. I began reading "Redemption" by Tolstoy over my curry rice with tofu, veggies, and pineapple.

After I was finished, I went to the Blackbird Cafe, a personal favorite of mine on Bedford Ave., in Brooklyn. I've only been there a few of times but I've been going more frequently lately. I was just there last week, and my friend Sarah and I sat in silence listening to mixes we'd made each other (if I can, I hope to post both the cover art and tracks that were on mine to the site here for your listening pleasure). Last night I sat and drank tea, read the rest of the Tolstoy play (which was awesome), and made small talk with my server, a very nice girl. She offered up a favorite pastry of hers, a Melomakarona. It was my first, and it was delicious (and free!!) I've vowed to go back every night that I can.

So, there you have three great new places to visit when next you're in New York City!!

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