Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The End

It's been a long 24 hours or so. I'm done. This has been both infuriating and upsetting. Something that I wrote in about 30 seconds to be nothing more than amusing has resulted in so many miscommunications, flaming hit-and-runs, and wastes of everyone's time (mine and the people commenting), and that's just unnecessary.

A quote from the comments board:

"Let me give you a very simple reason all this happened:
You said this:

'(and let me be clear here, if I wasn't before: Keanu Reeves is NOT talented as an actor)'

And there are people who simply disagree, who probably also think you're a douche for stating it as if it were fact, and being unreceptive to alternate opinions."

Between my two posts and a variety of comments posted (as someone so gracefully, eloquently, and kindly pointed out, more comments than any other post has ever received on my blog), the above comment comes from the ONLY person (myself INCLUDED) who has considered this from both perspectives, without regard for who may actually be "right" about anything. And I think that it's a good place to end this fiasco. The end.

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