Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fun home art

This is a nice little home-art project.

It has for a while been my firm opinion that television is Satan incarnate. I hate television. It sucks up so much time with absolutely nothing to show for it. I'm not opposed to watching a specific television show, specifically HBO or comedy central, which are the only networks that seem to show anything I care to watch. But having cable ends up dominating more of one's time than specific shows. When I go home, any time I go into the kitchen for a snack I find myself turning on the television, only to turn it off after ten minutes when I realize I'm not even watching something I like and it's sucking out my brain.

This art project, called the Abstractor, is a great way to battle that. Of course, I guess it's still a waste of electricity, especially if you leave it on all the time. Oh well. No way to win, these days.

Abstractor can instantly tansform any television into a beautiful piece of art. Watch and find out how to make your own. Visit


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