Friday, June 01, 2007

A General letter to the school of Ithaca College upon graduation

I have a few complaints about the school.

As far as my particular program is concerned, a way needs to be found to make equipment more readily available to students within the major. It has gotten to the point that Cinema and Photography students' access to equipment is appalling... particularly seniors who should have access to EVERYTHING!!

I was also a little appalled by the "Erase the Hate" rally, which seemed like just a hate rally to combat the racism. The school, I think, needs to find a different way to deal with racism than make mandatory interdisciplinary studies classes and force multiculturalism down people's throats, because as someone who is racially tolerant I find it a bit annoying, so I can't even imagine how much bigoted people can't stand it and it probably makes them feel more resentful toward minorities. Racism is a larger social problem that it may even be impossible for the college to combat, other than to offer things for those interested and encourage people to teach their children right and wrong.

I think the way the college deals with money is wrong... I am speaking specifically now about all of the screens going up around campus. These screens are expensive and largely useless. They are flashy means of aestheticism that serve no real functional purpose. They are largely ignored. Because they are so expensive, I am frustrated that the money is not going toward programs, toward the students in a real way. I'm sure all of the programs need all the funding they can get, and the fact that money is being spent on materialistic nonsense is frustrating.

Lastly, I'd like to complain about the school's hypocrisy when it comes to environmentalism. The school touts itself as being environmentally concerned... however, there are lights on at all hours of the day and night in all of the buildings! The Park school alone leaves almost half of its lights on through the night when NO ONE is around. For whom are the rooms and halls being lit? The radio staff? And it's the same story around campus. For a school relying on fossil fuels for energy, it is ridiculous that every light switch isn't flicked off the moment the last student leaves any room.

Academically I've had a pretty good experience at Ithaca College. I've learned a lot inside of the class and outside of it. There is always room for improvement.

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