Thursday, June 07, 2007

Je l'ai déjà vu

Zach and I were just talking yesterday about the phenomenon of déjà vu. I personally sometimes am able to hold onto or regenerate my sensation of déjà vu when I experience it so that it becomes more durable, more lasting. I've always been deeply excited by it, because I get the distinct feeling that it is something more than random nerve firings, a purely rudimentary-scientific experience. I do think that science can ultimately explain everything -- I think there is no reason that God can't be explained by science, but no way will we figure that out anytime soon -- but like God, I think that déjà vu functions on a very metaphysical level that indicates something very unique. Perhaps it is the same phenomenon of Siddhartha's river of time... perhaps time flows both forwards AND backwards, so as a result we have some kind of metaphysical memory of the future...

But why, then, is it the tiny moments that we experience it? A flick of the hair, the pattern of tiles on the bathroom floor, the way someone says something? I don't know. But there's got to be a fabric to reality, and perhaps it's just that at the tiny moments we're able to see the tiny holes in the fabric, see through to the other side.

Ultimately I have no idea what déjà vu is. Some scientists at MIT seem to have an idea (check it out here) of what it is. Personally, I don't by it. But that's just My Opinion.

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