Thursday, June 07, 2007

Je l'ai déjà vu... déjà.

Wow, that's funny.

So I have a confession... sometimes when I link you to things, I've only read the summary on BoingBoing or something, and haven't actually seen the page to which I link you. I know, I know, bad etiquette. I'm sorry, I know it's wrong.

The reason I'm telling you that I do that is that I now have a very funny anecdote related to it that I thought you might appreciate.

So, in my previous post about déjà vu, I linked to a couple of pages at the bottom before I read the full articles. Then, after posting, I went into the links to actually read the articles. When I clicked the link for the Chronic Déjà Vu, I was startled by an overwhelming sense of having seen the webpage before. It was hilarious, but also absurdly eerie that I was having déjà vu with a website about déjà vu.

The more I scrutinized the website, the more I was sure I'd seen it. Kind of creepy, even!

And then it hit me... sometimes when I get behind on BoingBoing, I end up reading it late at night when I'm extremely tired, drunk, or both. So a lot of times things get very cursory glances, and I'm not remotely interested in doing a significant amount of reading. And I think (although if I think about it too hard, I'm not so sure) that I had clicked this link way back when in the old BB post about it, and had had no desire to actually read it because I was passing out.

Fuckin weird.

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