Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There's a pattern here...

There's a pretty serious problem going on... and it's called Iran. Now what I mean is not actually that Iran is a problem, but rather that the way it is being portrayed and approached, IN MY OPINION and those of others.

If what Mr. Roberts says is true, then we're in for a rocky ride, folks, and something needs to be done. People need to really get up in arms, here. From the Associated Press:

"WASHINGTON - President Bush said Wednesday he's certain the Iranian government is supplying deadly weapons used by fighters in Iraq against U.S. troops, even if he can't prove that the orders came from top Iranian leaders."

I'd like to draw your attention to the words, "even if he can't prove that the orders came from top Iranian leaders."

Does that bother you? Because it bothers me. It's important that the American public learn from its mistakes... In the past, Bush made claims about WMDs in Iraq, claiming he COULD prove their existence (a claim of whose validity we are all aware)... Here he's flat out telling us he can't prove shit!!! And yet, he's going on the record saying it, going in public making accusations he can't prove (since when is THAT proper procedure for anyone but paparazzi? Fucking moron). It is crucial that the American public, you, WE, not start jumping to conclusions and allowing Bush to go around perpetrating his own agenda against other people's wishes, desires, rights, LIVES.

This has been My Opinion.

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