Monday, February 12, 2007

Tell me how to get to Sesame Street. Seriously, I'm lost.

Katie says:
Hello everyone,
Do you remember Sesame Street? Arthur? Reading Rainbow? Not to wax
romantic, but definitely foundations of my childhood, and likely many of
yours. Also a blessed break for parents from toddler-squalor. The
funding for public broadcasting and independent journalism is not
protected from political whim. Currently, Le Pres has proposed that
funding for PBS be slashed by 25%. NPR, with its beautiful programmes and
news reports, is facing the same cuts- is a public radio broadcast.
This makes me really sad, guys. If these budget cuts go through, the
aforementioned children’s shows will disappear. I don’t know what will
happen to NPR. I think that both public TV and radio broadcasts are
really important. They are resisting a trend of privatization of means
for spreading information, "entertainment" or "news" of dubious contents.
I think public broadcast is impossibly valuable cultural connective
tissue, and a treasure of information.
If you have 10 seconds of your life that you are willing to contribute
toward attempting to "insulate NPR and PBS from the political winds" (says and ensure that the funding for these broadcasts will not be
jeopardized again, electro-sign the petition, sweetbabies~

Here's an easy opportunity for you to get something done... MoveOn is always a great resource. Thanks Katie!


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