Monday, February 12, 2007

It never gets old.

IMO, a good beatboxer will never get old. Check out this post from BoingBoing.

Also, I just want to say that as of now I'm adding BoingBoing, as I did with The Show with Ze Frank, to the sidebar links section. I consult BoingBoing daily, and will undoubtedly continue to link to specific things on it that I find interesting... but remember, they're interesting IMO. Not necessarily in yours. Likewise, there may be stuff on BoingBoing that you'll drool over that I'll just pass right on by. So always remember to check it out.

Of course you'll also notice I take some pages out of the BoingBoing book in terms of how I format my posts and stuff... Try not to give me too hard of a time about it.

Here are a few other BoingBoings that I think are worthwhile from the past couple of days:

Don't make coffee in hotel rooms
Stem-cells go the way of silicon: Tits. (IMO this is the most ridiculous thing. How can any scientific advancement whose benefits AND RISKS are just beginning to be explored be immediately turned over to the breast-hungry mongrels? Come on, Japan, those girls are gonna have to wait until we cure cancer.)

There are a bunch more, including the issue of whether Google has profited off of purposely channeling traffic to the illegal purchase of pirated media, the issues of internet censorship in China... these are actually issues that matter a lot to me. As time goes on you'll find I'll actually be EXPRESSING my opinions about these topics and others (which is one might come to expect from my blog). For now, this is a harmless post.


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