Monday, April 14, 2008

Blindness Teaser

(Sorry, I wrote this post way back on the 6th, but forgot to finish writing the draft, so it's a little late)

It is with at least a little bit of relief that I share with you, today, the teaser trailer for Fernando Mereilles's Blindness. Why it was released on MSN, I have no idea.

A few good things:

The trailer seems very concerned with the visuals, i.e. simulating some of the "white blindness" that afflicts its characters. I have hopes that they might have some extended scenes of pure white, or white with minimal detail. It has a phenomenal cast, and doesn't seem to take place in any recognizable country, which was one of the exciting and off-putting things about the book.

A few bad things:

The narration in the trailer is horrible. Affected and uninspiring, it doesn't bode well for either the content or the people it tries to appeal to. Furthermore, it is cut like a horror film. Bad choice, since it's not a horror story in the sense of the film genre.

Obviously it's just a trailer, but who likes speculating with as little information as possible more than film people

(Answer: The US Government. If you answered right, send us your UPC plus shipping and handling for a free "I <3 Freedom" mug!)

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