Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bad Choice, Mr. Hipster!

If you moved to Williamsburg/Greenpoint twenty years ago, you weren't moving into a nice neighborhood. There was a chance you would be injured or killed on your way... anywhere. And there was nothing to look at, besides the view of Manhattan, that anyone would want to. But, if you did move out here back in the eighties, you had some CHEAP ASS RENT.

Now the condos are springing up everywhere. It's a "boom town." People live here, make art here, raise FAMILIES here, and not just the lower class. The word "gentrification" comes to mind (and conversation) often when talking about this area of Brooklyn.

However, what few people seem to understand and realize is that Williamsburg is a toxic cesspool. The air is completely unfit to breath, the soil contains oil that seeps into the home, and there's a nuclear waste facility that would kill everyone if it exploded.

Don't believe me? Watch this:

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