Friday, February 22, 2008

Horrible People

At most, I've been feeling rather tepid about these internet serials on such sites as My Damn Channel and Super Deluxe. They all fall short of the comedy mark (although I read in the New York Times that for Super Deluxe, the goal is not straight-up comedy so much as odd-ball pursuit of personal interests on behalf of the creators, with which I can't take issue). While this one doesn't have me laughing out loud, I think the new Fauxp Opera "Horrible People" on My Damn Channel is, at the very least, worth checking out for a chuckle or two. It takes the curiously hyper-responsive attitude of Stella or Wainy Days characters and supplants it into the schema of Soap Opera language. In Soap Operas, this sense of comedy seems very much at home, as these two are not really distant cousins, but more like brothers.

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