Tuesday, September 11, 2007


For a long time now, I have sought to keep myself informed of the betrayals of the government, the ways in which our government seeks to control us, manipulate us, and dictate an immoral and unconstitutional agenda both at home and abroad. I've done my best to rant and rave, as well as point out some kind of substantial evidence to you to support these beliefs.

The time when these things will all be proven is far in our future, most likely at a time just before or during an era that mimics our own. And proof is a worthless pursuit anyway, because truth is its necessity. Truth, as we all know, is dependent on one's perspective. And there will never be a full consensus on anything so long as we live.

That being said, I beg and plead for you to watch the following documentary. It is available online. It is free to you, thanks to Google, thanks to the internet, thanks to people like you. This movie is the culmination of all of the things I've said to you regarding our government. I have had it with the United States, with politics, with those in power. Only through evolution can we save ourselves.

WATCH ZEITGEIST. And tell every single person you know to do the same.

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