Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wainy Days

David Wain shows that there is always life outside of Stella... and that life outside of Stella is identical to life INSIDE Stella, minus Mikey B. and Mike Show.

Wainy Days is a part of My Damn Channel, a new website launched by Rob Arnett to prove that people want well-produced shows that are better than the drivel on MTV, and that the Internet is a great venue for that. There's most likely nothing original about that concept.

Now, it might sound like I'm getting down on the whole thing. That's because for the most part, I am. This is NOT to say that it isn't entertaining to a certain extent. But it is getting a bit old watching Wain write in beautiful women to kiss him or his cohorts. We get it, you've got hot friends.

To his credit, though, there are no dildos and he's not walking around like a flagrantly feminine homosexual.

I say, check it out and see for your self, now that you've got My Opinion.

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