Sunday, April 01, 2007

Iraq In Fragments

I just saw a documentary entitled Iraq in Fragments this afternoon... a three-segment film, it concerns itself with various parts of the overall narrative of Iraq. Of course I use the term "narrative" in that case fairly unconventionally. Naturally, the country is not just a film and I am by no means making it diminutive by treating it as a narrative.

What it gave me was something I crave more and more: to see what other people's lives are like. In this case, it showed me the lives of people in war-torn Iraq. Those are lives I particularly want to have a better understanding of because my image and concept of the Iraqi people (as of Middle-Eastern people in general) are skewed.

In My Opinion, it was terrifying, enraging, consuming, engaging, and thoroughly worth my time. It continues to push me to ask myself, "How am I going to interact with the world and affect those around me?" A question that I have now and again asked myself within the context of this blog, and a question I hope will never be far from my mind.

I have asked my housemate, Zach, to be a contributing writer to this blog because he expressed to me the desire that was the same as when I started this blog: to express himself in the public forum. It's my hope that he will accept my invitation, and engage in the blog in a way that brings in more readership, is thoughtful and engaging, and that making this blog a joint venture will allow us to push each other to be less lethargic Americans.

Fingers are crossed.

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