Friday, February 23, 2007

Fox, the External Uterus, and the Boing

I was running on the treadmill today and for whatever reason, one of the TVs was tuned to Fox News (which it has been for a while now. It's the only reason I know anything about the Anna Nicole Smith-related trials, which, if you haven't seen them, are a god damned media circus that exist completely outside the realm of normal legal process). And it tickled me in a sick way when one of their spots in between programming and commercial was highlighting its news programs... and it ended by saying, "Fox News: Fair and Balanced." And I thought, well, you're sort of, KIND OF wrong. And hilariously so. This is coming from the news station that announces right-wingers who turn out to be child molesters are actually Democrats. I just thought I'd vent about that.

Also, I discovered something interesting in class today: we have the technology to make a fully-functioning uterus that exists outside of a human body. That makes me kind of scared. The kind that makes me laugh out loud because I'm so scared. We were talking about stem cell research vis-a-vis cloning and embryos (whether destroying an embryo is destroying a human being), and it was brought up that not only can we perform in-vitro fertilization, we can even perform in-vitro gestation!!!! CRAZY!

And, for your daily Boing:
A Reason to be Outraged

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