Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here's something interesting to put in your pipe.

We all remember the 2000 election. We all remember how much it sucked. And we all lament about it daily when we remind ourselves that George W. Bush is still the god damned president of this shithole of a country. So I'm curious to see what HBO's done with this real event in its dramatization that seems to be helmed by one of my favorite male actors, Kevin Spacey.

But what I find really curious is that this is an event that happened less than eight years ago. EIGHT YEARS. The only fictionalized films about more immediately real historical events are the ones they did about September 11th, 2001's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

We've ushered in this bizarre age, where we think about history as it's happening. It used to be that people looked back on history in film, at past events. Now, we're talking about the shit that's still happening. And technology is the same way. Technology is evolving so fast that it's updating by the day! We're in the middle of a bizarre compression wave where everything is this sort of instantaneous fulfillment or analysis. There's no buffer zone anymore.

Before you know it, we'll be talking about the future before it happens.

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