Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mad Men

AMC ventured into the realm of Original TV Dramas tonight at 10pm Eastern Standard Time to the shock of many. By a stroke of luck I stumbled upon the trailer for the show (well, no stroke of luck, really... just diligent watching of this evening in time to catch the premiere.

I have to say, I really liked what I saw. It has the swilly glean of 50's American life with more of the blemishes of what was really going on underneath. While I find that the sexism is overplayed, I find that most of the main characters are tantalizingly underplayed... their intricacies lie beneath the surface. Like the proverbial iceberg bobbing in the sea, the male lead is a white obelisk with a great deal of muck underneath the facade. He is startling, handsome, unctuous in a manner that is not off-putting or vile, and his vulnerability is evident. He is, In My Opinion, a stellar character with lots of dimension. He is the exact opposite of just about every character on HBO's John From Cincinatti, which gets him (and AMC) an A+ in my book.

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