Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little People

Street art, as a high-art form, is a fairly recent thing: Graffiti's elevation to art status, projection on buildings, street installation... And it's an exciting and important part of the evolution of the art world, in my opinion. Spanning the bridge between performance art and gallery art, some of this stuff is just plain great. Most importantly, by being out on the streets instead of in the art gallery, it forces all of us to confront it, and the results are sometimes very pleasurable.

Enter "Slinkachu." Slink makes small hand-painted people and puts them in normal (for the most part) human situations, except on a micro level, then puts them out on the streets of London, in the field of danger, and barely in the field of view.

These microscenes of human life enforce a need to look closer at our environment and ourselves, and the yielded rewards are well-worth the eye-strain: comedy, surprising emotional access, and a poignantly reflective ability to point out the intricacies of our daily lives. If I had three-hundred dollars to throw around, I'd buy one of his/her prints in a heartbeat.

Check out Slinkachu:

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