Monday, May 21, 2007

Save Net Radio

It amazes and confuses me the way the internet is consistently under fire from... well, the government.

Today the internet's Radio is in a heap of trouble. A new law requires internet radio to pay a little bit more money in royalties (RETROACTIVELY, TOO!!) and the price is set to increase to three times as much in 2010. Lots of 'net radio spots have barely enough money to run! The new law could put most internet radio places out on the streets, which means you too.

As I write, has a count of "54 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes, 52 seconds left to July 15, 2007 the Day the Music Dies." Sounds melodramatic, but it's really not. Check their website out to get familiar with what's going on, and find ways to do something about it. As usual, it's really not difficult to help out at all! A click of a mouse, a quick phone call, no more than 2 minutes out of anyone's day.

Maybe you don't listen to internet radio that much, or maybe you do. But either way, it is In My (humble) Opinion that things like Internet Radio are crucial to helping unknown musicians get more attention, and to giving people like you and me options beyond the crap-cluster-fuck that is normal radio. Help out!!

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