Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oh for Christ's sake, Bush

Hey, we woke up today! That means it's another day that we exist! That's cause for celebration! But, it also means another day that Bush is alive and kicking, trying to beat up all you freedom-haters!!!!

As a freedom-hater, I strongly encourage you to STOP BUSH'S ILLEGAL SPYING PROGRAMS, which he is right now pushing to have expanded by congress.

In My Opinion, it's actually hilarious the way this is still, like, something that we have to talk about. Seriously. I'm laughing right now. In five years maybe I'll be crying, but right now this is hilarious.

Also, In My Opinion, the democratic and republican parties have grown too similar... and right-leaning. So, I implore you to consider the possibilities that are out there. Ralph Nader gets a lot of hate, but he's a really smart guy and has some good stuff to contribute to the country. I really wish that EVERYONE would vote for a party other than Republican/Democrat. I don't even care what party they vote for!!! Any party beside those.

Freakin' god.

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