Thursday, March 01, 2007

RIAA Boycott Update

It seems the RIAA is initiating a new offensive "that targets college students."

"The RIAA recently sent out 400 "pre-litigation settlement letters" to
students accused of illegal downloading at 13 universities, and
launched, where the accused are invited to avoid lawsuits by turning themselves in and paying fines online."

I really can't stand these fuckers. The RIAA boycott kicks off today. Do your part to contact lawmakers, write protest letters to the RIAA, and purchase indie MP3s. Manifesto

In My Opinion, the RIAA is waging a full-scale war that it cannot win. We must take them to task and BEAT THEIR ASSES.

Full story at the Boing, including BoingBoing correspondent Xeni's NPR appearance.

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