Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oldy and a Newy

OK so it's been a little while since I just posted links like a blombie (blog zombie), and I'm pretty glad about it. But I have two links I feel like sharing with you right now, and then hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have a review of the following:

"Playing the Building" by David Byrne
The Telectroscope

In the meantime:

First, I wanted to share (in the words of Austin Eustice) an Olde but a Sam Goode: The always fuzzy and sometimes creepy A Softer World. Kristy Koopman introduced me to this one ages ago, and I just rediscovered its majesty. I linked you to page 1, so all you gotta do is keep clicking "next" until your eyes bleed from the amazingness of their photos and captions.

Also, just found out about my friend Odessa's Website. It's under construction right now, so you can only see some of the older stuff. It's all drawings and stuff, plus a link to her blog, where she talks about food and stuffs. It's all cool so check it. Out.


Also, I forgot to mention that Rooftop Films started their summer programming this weekend! If you live in New York City and like movies, rooftops, and music, you HAVE to go to at least one event. Perhaps Fourth of July!


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